Good Family Dogs

Good Family Dogs

Are you looking for good family dogs? You want to adopt a dog which suits best for your children and family as well. You are on a right place. Just read below and you will find a list of good family dogs, among which, one is for you. Dogs are of innumerable breeds. Some are watch dogs, some are guard dogs while some are from retriever dog breeds some are from the terrier or working dog breeds and some are good family dogs. The most important thing is that which one suits you?

What type of dogs you are looking for? so we made the dog breed portal. It is however, very important to choose or select a dog which suits best for your family, children and for your own lifestyle. Otherwise you may get annoyed by your own decision.

Dogs vary in their breeds and every breed has its own characteristics, nature, abilities and temperament. Before going to adopt any type of dog, it is recommended to get enough knowledge about the different types of dogs and their breeds.What the dog breeds portal do for you is simply listing some of the best and good family dogs among different dog breeds. By surfing this list of good family watch dogs, you will definitely get the right family dog for you and your family. So, start surfing below.

Good family dogs

Airedale Terriers

They are very good family dogs. Even the Airedale terriers are wonderful pets for considerate children. These good family dogs are very playful and calm in nature and can be best for toddlers also but under an adult supervision.


Boxers have very playful and cool temperament. They are also good family dogs and go well with children. They are very affectionate dogs and loyal to their owner and his family. He has caring towards small children as a boxer sense that small children need gentleness and tenderness. Adult supervision is necessary, as a boxer can be destructive if not treated well or if a child accidentally fall on him.

Black Russian terriers

These good family dogs are devoted and loyal to their family and children. He is a good protector and watch dog also and protect the children if feel any danger. They are usually high built dogs. Adult supervision is however necessary.

Bull dogs

Bull dogs are mostly calm in nature if treated well. They are social also. They become very friendly and intimate with children if the children know how to treat this good family dog. Bull dogs are not suitable for toddlers and very small children.

English Setters

This dog breed is very good family dog. They are very lively and always ready to take apart in games and play. They love to play with children and like the company of lots of people. Sometime, these good family dogs can show dominant behavior. In this regard, proper training and socialization is necessary.

German Short Haired Pointer

Another good family dog is German short haired pointer. It a good family dog for families having young kids. Small kids may feel fear from this large size dog.

New Found Land

The gentle disposition and happy nature of New found land make them good family dogs. They are good family watch dogs also. Their eyes are all time alert to the safety of kids. He can be a good family dog for families having small kids.


Children find the pugs very attractive. Their cute and expressive behavior make them good family dog. Being good family dogs, pugs consider children as his siblings. They love to play with children at long hours. Pugs respond eagerly. Families having very small kids don’t go for pugs. These are a few best and good family dogs. We hope one will be for you and your kids.

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