Best Dog Breeds of The World

Best Dog Breeds of The World

The dog portal let you know about dog breeds are innumerable. But selection of best dog breeds from this is a tricky and difficult task. Dog breeds portal save your time and do this challenging work for your ease. Here is a list of best dog breeds of the world for your knowledge and understanding. This comprehensive information on best dog breeds of the world is for passionate and zealous dog breeders who want to have complete information on best dog breed portal of the world.

By getting this information on best dog breeds of the world from dog breeds portal, these dog breeders can easily decide and select a best dog from this list. We are maintaining this list of best "dog breeds" of the world according to the U.S News best dog breeds rating, which they maintain after the Westminster Dog Show. 

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier dog breeds stand number first. They are from terrier group. They are medium sized dogs with brave and bold nature. They are used as hunting dogs also and can easily kill none K-9 animals like rabbits and birds. The coat of this best dog breeds of the world is fine, short haired predominantly white with black or brown markings.


The cute and fun loving poodle is on number second in the best dog breeds of the world list. They are from non-sporting group. These best dog breeds of the world are also known as French Poodle. They are from medium to large in size. A standard poodle coat colors are Black, blue, silver, gray, cream, red, white, apricot and many other solid colors. They are graceful, playful, gentle and noble in their nature. They also adopt by eminent personalities and celebrities because of their noble nature and outstanding sweet gestures.


From the best dog breeds of the world, the Pekingese dogs are on number third. They are from toy group. Pekingese are small dogs with a compact and well-balanced body. The physical strength of Pekingese dogs is superb. They are small in size but brave, independent, intelligent and extremely affectionate to their owners. They may have behavior issues so it is important for Pekingese owner’s to realize him that as a master he is a pack leader and "Pekingese" has to follow him.


This brave, courageous and best dog breeds of the world stands on number four. Boxer is from non-sporting working group. They are highly energetic and outdoor dogs who love to do challenging physical activities. Boxers also have inherent social and friendly traits which make then best family pet and companion too. He is also known for his fearless courage.


This sporting dog is on number five. He is medium size compact dog with lots of intelligent, robust and sturdy nature. They are also lively, lovely, playful pleasant and gentle personality. The springer dogs are also known as English cooker Spaniel. Among other dog breeds, they are an average shredders and average barkers. They are willing and happy type dogs who are ready to listen to their master any time.

Scottish Terrier

These best dog breeds of the world from terrier group are on number six. Scottish terrier is a little sturdy dogs with short legs. Their distinctive elements are their braveness and alertness. They are charming, happy and full of character. They can be best watch dogs too by getting proper training. They need their owner’s attention and tenderness otherwise they can be destructive and stubborn.

Doberman pinscher

Belong to working group, Doberman pinscher stands on number seven. Strong physique with so much grace and refinement is the best features of Doberman pinscher. These best dog breeds of the world are medium in size with strong muscular bones. The strength and stamina of Doberman pinscher is marvelous and superb. The good thing of this dog breed is his willing nature. They are very easy to train.


On number eight is cute Pomeranian. They are from toy group. They are small in size with cute face. They have proud nature. Intelligent, loyal, easy handler eager to learn, the Pomeranian is a good family and show dog. This breed is intelligent but docile in nature. They are good at learning tricks and become happy during training session. These best dog breeds of the world suits best for elderly persons.

Sheep Dog

Number nine goes to sheep dog. They belong to herding / working group. They are also known as bob or Bob tail. Sheep dog is compact, solid and square dog. They are stable and happy nature dogs. They are adaptable and adjust in any environment and conditions. They are also friendly, gentle and easily go with children and other pets. sheep dogs are extremely affectionate that they will attach them to their owner and his family in very short time.


Last but not least is Collie dog which came on number ten. He is from herding / working group. Collies are big, slender and robust dogs. Their nature is sweet but sensitive. They are intelligent and mild-mannered dog and easy to train. They are naturally clean and easy to house break. They are friendly matured dogs.

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