Yorkie Dogs - Small Dog Breeds

Yorkie Dogs - Small Dog Breeds

The yorkies are one of the most glamorous and popular toy dog breeds of today. Despite of his small size, yorkies dogs are alert, spirited and devoted. For more knowledge on yorkies dogs, read below.

Yorkie dogs are commonly known as Yorkshire terrier dogs. 

The dog portal let you know about the origin of this toy type small sweet dog is Great Britain. Yorkies dogs belong to the terrier dog breeds. In the mid-19th century, they were developed to dispatch rats in cotton mills and coal mines. They were also used in rat-killing contests. The small size and lush silky coat are yorkies distinctive features. Apart from their sweetness and pleasantness, these small toy type yorkies dogs are very noisy breed. These small yorkies terriers have big personality in small size. They are good for single one and for a family. Some of the general characteristics of Yorkie dogs are as follows.

Personality of yorkie dogs:

 They are small, cute, pretty and dainty dogs from the terrier dog breed. They are high in energy and spirits. They love to play with children and very noisy. No matter, how many people are in surrounding, yorkie dogs can easily assert all of them. The small compact body of yorkie dogs is covered with long haired fine silky coat.

They have confident, erect and proud in his manners. His head is flat. Muzzle is medium sized, ears are V shaped and alert friendly eyes are common physical features of yorkie dogs. Yorkie dogs are considered as fashionable and designer dogs now days. Number of celebrities and nobles has yorkie dogs as their best companion.The coat colors of yorkie dogs are blue and gold, blue and tan, black and gold, or black and tan. Belong to a terrier dog breeds, yorkie dogs have some natural hunting instinct also. 

They are also known for their intelligence and ability to figure out things. That is why, in past, yorkie dogs were used to trace rats in cotton mills and coal mines. They are terrific protective dogs also and alert their masters if something unusual happen or they feel.

Grooming of yorkie dogs: 

Yorkie dogs has single coat without any under coat. Their coat is silky, shine straight and long haired. They need regular grooming with daily brushing and bathing. He is a hypoallergenic dog with minimum shedding.Ears of the yorkies dogs should be clean and need extra care. The hairs on the third part of the yorkies dog era have to be trimmed once in a week. Otherwise, they keep burden on ears and this cause the ears not to stand erect.

Training of yorkies dogs:

 Yorkie are pure terrier dogs. Hence they are full of energy and spirits. They need daily exercise and ample amount of play and games which keep him sturdy and strong. They love to play big games such as Frisbee, tracking, fly ball and fetching training games. Give enough obedience and good behavior training to yorkies dogs. Otherwise, they may develop bad habits like jumping on the furniture, break house hold items or urinating inside etc. good manner training traits and tactics are necessary to make your yorkie dog obedience and respectful.

Health issues of yorkies dogs: Always try to buy a yorkie terrier dog from a reputable and recognized dog breeder to avoid any health issue. Eye infections, early tooth decay, poor tolerance of anesthetic, delicate digestion, bronchitis and spine disc problems are some of the common health issues in yorkie dogs.

Life expectancy of a yorkie dog: They live about 12-15 years.

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