Boxer Dogs

Boxer Dogs

Summary: Sturdy, strong and robust physical features with high spirits. We are talking of boxer dogs. Loyal and affectionate boxer dogs are good watch dogs too.

Article: Boxer dogs are widely known as Deutsche boxer and German boxer dogs. These compact and strong body dogs are very loyal, affectionate and social.Boxer dogs can good for any one from a single individual dog owner to a family. They are high outdoor and active dogs with lot of energy and vigor. Boxer dogs are also work as protective dogs. They protect their owner’s family at their best level. General portrayal of Boxer dogs: Boxer dogs are medium size, short haired dogs. 

The coat of boxer dogs is smooth and fine with no marking of any color. The significant feature of Boxer dogs is his powerful and strong jaws that are ideal to hang prey for long time.Boxer dogs have an instinct to be social and friendly. That is why they need lot of attention and group of people around them so that they can play and jiggle well.

Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs are generally bred from English bull dogs. Boxer dogs are the most popular dog breed and ranked at number seven according to the 2010 statistics of American Kennel Club. The head of the boxer dogs are proportion with the body. The muzzle is short and blunt. The nose of the boxer dog is large and black in color. The jaws are very strong and sturdy.The front lags are straight and strong. The coat is fine smooth with less hair.The common colors of boxer dog coat are tan, black, brindle, fawn and mahogany with white markings.

Boxer Dogs

Temperament of Boxer dogs:

Happiness, high-spirits, energy, vigor and intelligence are varying features of boxer dogs. The temperament of boxer dogs is cool and social. They don’t have any issue with other pets and from humans. They are social dogs who love to have lots of people around them. The learning skills and obedience of boxer dog is highly competitive. As compare to other dog breeds, boxer dog breeds are known as their good behavior with children. Boxer dogs are very playful and cheerful. Despite of this, they act as good watch dogs and protective dogs. Their protection instinct is very strong. They always welcome known visitors. He also exhibit curiosity with fearless courage. 

Boxer dogs become aggressive if threatened or not treat well.

Exercises and training of boxer dogs: Despite of their all good habits and characteristics, a boxer dog can be stud and resistance during training. Their owner has to be consistency and persistency in his behavior during training sessions.Otherwise, your boxer dog will not put an ear on your commands and ignore them easily. Obedience training is necessary and pack leader training is highly recommended to realize your boxer dog that who is the leader. Boxer dogs are active and athletic dogs. They need vigorous daily exercises and walks that keep them active and energetic. Fetching games are also good for boxer dogs.

Grooming of boxer dogs: Boxer dogs have smooth, fine and short haired dogs. Hence grooming is not a big issue. Brush them twice a week or bath when necessary.Like cats, boxer dogs always tend to clean them by their own. They are average shedder.

Health issues: Boxer dogs can prone to Cardiomyopathy, heart problems, epilepsy, tumors,arthritis, hip dysplasia, back and knee problems and sometime deafness.

Living conditions for boxer dogs: Small living areas like a apartment is okay for boxer dogs but with sufficient exercises. 

Life expectancy: 11-14 years

Group: Mastiff, working

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