Development Of Puppy Dog Breeds

Development Of Puppy Dog Breeds

Mama, I want these cute adorable puppies to be my companions. Oh what a cute puppies they are! I love puppy, he make me jazzy and cuddle me lot :).

These are the expressions of many of us when we see any puppy dog. Adoption of a puppy dog is not a big issue. The main issue is his development and growth. It takes time and requires lot of patience and attention. Dog breeds portal help you one step further in this regard and gives you whole information and necessary tips on development of puppy dogs. 

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Summary: By seeing a cute baby dog from a puppy dog breeds, the first word come from our mouth is, oh my God! What a cute sweet puppy. One can’t easily ignore these cute adorable puppy dog breeds at first sight. But what about the development of puppy dog breeds? It is not an easy task.

Article: Puppies are cute sweet baby dogs of adult dogs. Every one of us adores them because of their cute, bubbly appearance, playful nature and fun loving activities. Children specially want to cuddle these baby dogs of puppy dog breeds and insist to hold them in their hands at first. Despite of their cuteness and adore-ability, development of puppy dog breeds is quite tough and difficult.

Development of puppy dog breeds requires lot of patience, time and attention. From the moment of birth, these cute puppy dog breeds are changing and developing day by day.Physical and mental development of puppy dog breeds is not as easy as it is for an adult dog breed. . It takes time,commitment and devotion. Then your cute puppy will become a good obedient dog.Otherwise all go vein.

A puppy is a juvenile dog. From birth to later stages, the development of puppy dog breeds need attention, care, safe and sound environment. For proper development of puppy dog breeds, dog breeders have to consider some important key points in mind. Some of these are: 

Development of puppy dog breeds: 

From the very first day of their birth, puppy dogs totally depend on their mother for food and shelter, as a matter of fact, it is very crucial to remain these puppy dogs with their mother. At this stage the responsibility of a good dog breeder starts. 

Neonatal period of development of puppy dog breeds: 

In early weeks, most of the puppy dogs spend their time in sleeping and feeding. The development senses of puppy dog breeds are fully functional from the birth but they don’t open their eyes. The eye sight of puppy dog breeds is poor in start but grow gradually. The sense smell of puppy dog breeds is superb. Initially they use their nose organ for smelling purpose.This period of development of puppy dog breeds are known as Neonatal period. 

Transitional period 

Quick development of puppy dog breeds starts from the first three months especially when their eyes and ears open and they are not dependent on their mother. This period of development of puppy dog breeds is called Transitional period. During this period, they become aware and interact with their litter mates. Teeth development of puppy dog breeds start emerging in this phase. They also start swallow solid food now. 

Socialization Period: 

The development of puppy dog breeds in terms of socialization starts from the twelve week. These puppy dog breeds now learn to play, giggle, and gain social skills from litter mates. In this development phase, puppy dog breeds are also affected by their mother social behavior. In house training and development of puppy dog breeds also start in this phase.After some time, they are able to notice daily changes. 

Adolescence period: 

Development of puppy dog breeds as an adolescence start in this other dog breeds, puppy dog breeds are high-spirited and energetic in this phase. It starts from six to twelve months. This is a real time for a dog breeder to train and socialize his puppy dog breed according to his own need, lifestyle, social structure and environment. Obedience, role playing, how to act wisely on public places and many more training tips learn by these puppy dog breeds in this adolescence period. 

Social maturity period: This period of development of puppy dog breeds starts from one year to two years. At this stage your puppy dog is socially mature and know very well about his position and status in your family and in outside world.Ongoing training's  developmental exercises, physical exercises and essential behavior formation drills are essential in the development of puppy dog breed sat this stage to make a happy and pleasant relationship between your puppy and you.

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