Types of Dogs With Pictures - Hound Group

Types of Dogs With Pictures - Hound Group

Do you want a complete profile of each and every dog with is picture? Now, you don’t have to visit any other site. Just come to the Dogs Breed Portal and have fun with all types of dogs with their complete description and latest pictures.

Summary: Dogs are of many types and breeds such as pit bulls, terriers, spaniels, hounds, shitzu and many more. Below is a complete list of all types of dogs with description and pictures.

Article: Dog Breed portal is the only website where you can find each and every type of dog with their complete picture gallery. Dogs breeds listed below are classified according to dog’s characteristics and working mode.

Hound Group: Hound group of dogs belong to that breed of dogs that re used by human for hunting food and sport.These breeds of dogs are fastest, tallest and intelligent among all dog breeds. The eye sight of these types of dogs is very sharp. Some dogs under this dog type known as “scent hounds”. These dogs have a keen sense of smell. The physical stamina of these types of dogs is superb and they easily find their prey with their single-minded determination.

Below is the pictures including name of all types of dogs that come under the hound dog breeds.

Bavarian Mountain Hound 





Deer hound  

                                                Finnish Spitz 

Galgo Espanol  


German Hunt Terrier  

Irish Wolfhound  

Large Munster lander  

Rhodesian Ridgeback  

Pharaoh Hound  




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