Family Watch Dog

Family Watch Dog

Do you want a family watch dog? Or a good guard dog for your family protection? Guard dogs are a best option for this purpose. From centuries, guard dogs are used as a good watch dogs. These guard dogs now play their best role as a good family dogs and family watch dogs.

It is a common practice now to use family watch dogs as a guard dogs. This family watches dog’s works on both sides from protection to sentry. The main purpose of watch dogs or guard dogs is to alert the family if something unusual is happening or a stranger approaching to your home or family. Gone are the days when family watch dogs were used only for watching purposes. As time pass by, the dog breeders and dog trainers trained watch dogs as guard dogs also. Sometime a watch dog choose to act aggressively if he feels a wrong situation that calls him for an action.

High class rich families, nobles and aristocrats prefer to own good family watch dogs as guard dogs to feel secure and for their best protection. To cater the needs of these nobles and high class families, dog breeds portal are presenting a list of some of the world best and good family watch dogs cum guard dogs. The dog breed portal presenting the detail below.

Family watches dogs cum guard dogs

German shepherd

One of the best and good family watch dogs that work well as guard dogs too. This family watch dog has a fearless, willingness and aggressive personality. Over all looks of this family watch dog cum guard dog is like an aggressive killer who grab his victim at is poised but when situation demands, this family watch dog become aggressive, eager to attack and extra alert. German shepherds have a capacity to work as guard dogs and watch dogs at a time.

American Pit bull terrier

Having an undeserved reputation as malicious, vicious and fighting dog, American pit bull terrier is a good family watch dog cum guard dog. The facial expressions of watch dogs, Pit bull are fearful. Once can be scary by seeing a pit bull at first time. This vigorous and courageous guard dog can be a good family watch dog if trained and socialize in a well behave family environment.

Doberman pinscher

A loyal, gentle and highly intelligent dog breed from guard dogs, Doberman pinscher. This good, family watch dog alerts on intruders and in dangerous situations without thinking any second thing. But the good thing of these family watch dogs is that they are not fatal attackers on humans as compare to other guard dogs breeds.

Belgian Tervuren

This family watch dog is a good guard dog also. Belgian Tervuren is very loyal, affectionate and sincere dog that excels as a good family watch dog and a guard dog of his owners family and property. He doesn’t care for strangers and other breeds. Dog breeders say that guarding is in the blood of Belgian Tervuren.

Black Russian Tervuren

Among other guard dogs and watch dogs, black Russian Tervuren is a good family, watch dog which excels at personal security. These good family dogs are closed to their owner’s family and give them a sense of complete protection. They are reserved with outsiders and strangers.


Boxer is a cute family watch dog that comes from Germany. Boxers are also used as guard dogs in police force. They are affectionate and close to children and become good family dogs after getting good training and treatment.


Airedale is that family watch dog which has a natural string protective instinct. This nature of him makes him wary from strangers but not from family and companions. They can also work good as guard dogs if their owner uses their exceptional intelligence well.

Irish setter

Among other guard dogs, Irish setter is a good family watch dog. As a family watch dog, Irish setter barks loudly at strangers and make them scary. These guard dogs are not suitable for families with young children as they enjoy rough plays and need large yards to run and exercise. These are some of the world best guard dogs which will also work as a family watches dogs by using their natural protective instincts.

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