Beagle Dogs

Summary: The award for best hunting dogs and best family pet dogs goes to…“Beagle Dogs”.

Article: When you think of a beagle dog, a sketch of a medium size, sharp and intelligent dog comes in your mind. You are right in your sketching; beagle dogs are similar to your imagination.

                                Beagle dogs 

Beagle dogs are a breed of small to medium size dogs with an appearance of a fox hound. With shorter legs and big ears, beagle dogs are bred primarily for hunting purposes but as time passed, they become a good family dog too. Beagles are also employed as detection dogs because of their strong smell sense. This distinctive characteristic also makes them the dog of choice for animal testing.
The origin of beagle dogs is Great Britain. History reveals that they are used as hunting dogs to hunt hares, game birds and rabbits but now days, beagle dogs mostly used as pet dogs and family companion dogs.

General description of Beagle dogs: Beagle dogs are medium sized sturdy and strong dogs with so much appealing appearance. The legs are short and strong as compare to rest of the body. Eyes of Beagle dogs are of hazel color. Head is big than drooping round tipped ears. The tail is slightly curved. The coat and skin of beagle dogs are thick and dense and weather resistance so they don’t have weather issues.

Temperament of Beagle dogs: Beagle dogs are members of Scent hound groups. They are full of energy and spirits. They love to play with children and amuse them with their mischievous acts. Having a social nature, beagle dogs can’t live alone for long periods. Working and learning abilities of this good family dog are superb and he learns and performs tasks quickly. They can also go well with all other house hold pets because of their friendly and kind nature.

Height and weight: The height of growing beagle dogs are 13-16 inches while weight are 22-25 kg.

Living conditions: Beagle dogs are energetic, curios and excitable dogs. They can live in apartments but need space for wandering and exercise.

Exercises:Beagle dogs enjoy daily walk and workout sessions. They also have a tendency to wander if they get a chance. They enjoy healthy activities outside and fresh air.

Diet and nutrition of beagle dogs: These dogs are also food lover and easily prone o obesity.  So a strict diet plan should be made and monitored. Dry dog food, twice a day is recommended for beagle dogs.

Grooming of beagle dogs: Beagle dogs have smooth, sleek and simple coat which need not to groom daily.

Health and behavior issues: Congenital heart diseases, obesity, spinal defects, skin allergies and epilepsy are some of the common health issues of beagle dogs.

Life expectancy: From 12 -15 years.

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