Pug - Small dog breeds

Summary: A comical face, round tiny eyes and a flat round wrinkled face are the significant features of only one dog. Guess who? Yes, pug dogs.

Article: Pug dogs have very distinctive features and nature from al dog breeds. Their comical face and energetic nature can easily bring smile on your face and you decided at once to adopt a pug dog. The name of pug dogs came from Latin word “fist” which means paw in English. His face resembles to human fist so he named as Pug. Pug dogs are toy dogs from small dog breeds. They have fine and glossy skin with less hair. Pug dogs are in many colors like black, silver, cream, brindle, fawn etc.. The most appealing and common colour is fawn. This small dog is originated in 400 B.C from Asia.

General description: Pug dogs are also famous for their small toy like size. These small toy dogs have compact cobby type body with deep chest and well-developed muscles. Another fun loving fact for a pug dog is that moles on his cheeks consider as a beauty spot of "pug" dogs.the ears of pugs are thin and small in rose or button shaped.

Height and weight of Pug dogs: Pug dogs have 13-20 pounds weight and 12-14 inches height.

Temperament of Pug dogs: Pug dogs are known to be a very tough and independent dog. However they are good family dogs and an affectionate companion.by heart, pug dogs are clowns. They can easily bring smile on your face by their jiggling and cuddling activities. A pug loves games and ready all the time for play.as an independent dog, pug needs proper training and socializing. Then he can become good dog for children and go along easily with other animals. Some time, pug dogs can be stubborn and difficult to house break. So proper exercise and walk outs is recommended. Another fact of pug dogs is that they are greedy dogs. 

They can eat any time and any food. So, they can be overweight easily. Pug dogs can’t live alone. They need your affection and attention all time. He will follow you around in the home, sit in your lap, cuddle with you and even can sleep with you in your bed. So don’t ignore this sensitive dog. Pugs can’t be a good watch dog or retrievers. As a companion and family pet they can excel. Pug is a lively dog, do comical act and delights you with his silly antics.

Health issues of pug dogs: As other dog breeds, pug dogs also have health issues. But generally they are healthy dogs. Some of the health issues of pug dogs are Cheyletiella Dermatitis (walking dandruff), Epilepsy, Eye problems, Allergies, Demo deictic Mange, Corneal ulcers, Yeast infection, Vaccination sensitivity and many more.

Diet and nutrition of pug dogs: I cup high quality dry dog food daily, divide into two meals. Pug dogs love to eat so easily prone to obesity.
Living conditions: Pug dogs can easily live in small space like an apartment. Stay them in a cool place. Avoid overheating.
Grooming: A silky, fine and short coat hair of pug dogs is easy to groom. Brush, comb an shampoo only when necessary.
Training and exercise: Pug dogs are very lively and playful. They need lot of daily exercise and walks. They like energetic games which make them healthy and happy.
Life expectancy: Life span of pug dogs are 12-15 years.

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