Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds List In The World

  Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds List In The World

Summary: You can’t judge a person by his / her appearance and over all looks. Same is the case with dogs. You can’t judge how danger they are by their appearance and adorable looks. Even dogs with adorable and innocent looks may be top ten most dangerous dogs like the dog Chow Chow.

Article: Never ever judge a dog by its appearance, over all look and innocent face. Dogs with innocent face and adorable personalities might be dangerous dogs breeds

The details about most dangerous dog of the world seem important for those who want to adopt a dog for their family or as a companion. These people must read this very detailed article on most dangerous dog breeds of the world to avoid any mishap in future.

Dogs consider being a best companion of humans to share their loneliness and solitude. They become human’s good friends and best pet if trained and socialize well. But what is the guarantee of an animal? 

Even friendly and lovely dogs can be dangerous and turn to most dangerous dogs of the world. However, training, proper socialization and healthy physical and mental exercises make these dangerous dogs humble, calm, kind and obedient but again; there is no guarantee of them. Here are the details of top 10  most dangerous dogs of the world. It will definitely help you while making a decision on dog adoption. 

Dogs That Bite The Most

                                Pit bull
A recent study on dangerous dogs of the world from U.S News showed that Pit bull is the most dangerous dog among the dogs that bite the most. The deaths in 2009 from pit bull are 159. Pit bull is the most fearless and most dangerous dog breeds. You can see his cruelty by this that he locks his jaws onto its prey until its death. Pit bull is a bull dog highly sought for dog fighting.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs 

                                Chow Chow
The dangerous dog Chow Chow comes on number second according to the U.S News. These dangerous dogs of the world are very aggressive in nature and if poorly bred they become more aggressive and harsh. They like to be independent and aloof whole day.

Dangerous Dog Breeds


Rottweiler comes on number third. Their keen territorial instinct makes them dangerous dogs of the world. They are also very aggressive and brutal in nature. As a pet or family dog, they are not suitable but as a guard dog, they go best. The deaths from this dangerous dog of the world are 67.

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 

Number four goes to Akita. Among all dangerous dogs of the world, Japanese Akita is the most dangerous dog. He is a heavy boned, powerful and alert dog. With a gracious and daring persona, Akita becomes aggressive to other breeds at once.

Most Dangerous Dog

Bull Mastiff
Bull Mastiff is on number five. He is a fearless and confident yet dangerous dog of the world. They are natural guardians as they have an in born guard instinct. They do their guarding work silently and attack on their victim without alarming them. Generally they are not obedient dogs.

The origin of Dalmatian is Yugoslavia. They are very dangerous and aggressive towards humans. Their coat is like zebra. From first sight these most dangerous dogs of the world look very cool but they are risky to carry. They are not good as a family pet. Dalmatian has a natural aggression with no fear.

                               Most Dangerous Dog Breed

Presa Canario is a most dangerous dog breed among all dangerous dogs of the world. They bred to guard and fight with cattle. His victim feels hopeless when attacked by this dangerous dog. They have an inconceivable power with complete lack of fear and danger.

                                    Dangerous Dog Breeds

Doberman Pinscher
This dangerous dog breeds of the world comes on number eight among the dangerous dogs of the world. Originated from Germany, Doberman are famous for their guard instinct and prompt alertness. They can be more aggressive and hostile if provoked.

                                          Dangerous Dog List

German shepherd
Grand stature, strong sturdy muscles and matchless scissor like jaws, this is another in dangerous dog list of the world named, German shepherd. They are highly used by police force because of their bravery, fearless nature and confidence.

Last but not least, husky is on number ten. The training and socialization of huskies are very tricky and time taking. This dangerous dog is not recommended for beginner dog owners. They are good in transportation. They become aggressive too if provoked. Usually they are not much vicious and brutal but not good for families and for novices.

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