Hunting Dog

Hunting Dog

Are you in search of best hunting dogs or want to know about the most popular hunting dog breeds and their activities? Dog breeds portal briefly present a list of most popular hunting dogs of the world for hunting dogs lovers.

Article: Hunting dogs are from hounds group. Hunting dogs basically assist their owners by tracking or chasing the prey being hunted. These hunting dogs are very strong, sturdy, muscular, fast, high sense of smell and a top-notch eye sight.

Hunting dogs are divided into two main categorizes 


     1. Sight hounds  2. Scent hounds

Sight hounds: Intelligent and fast runners, sight hounds are famous as hunting dogs all around the world. These hunting dogs are fast runners and incredible capability to catch and kill their prey. They are quite similar with Grey of the best example of these type of hunting dogs is the Whippet dog. The speed of these fast running hunting dogs, sometime reaches up to 60 km/h.

Scent hounds: These scent hound hunting dogs have very strong sense of smell that is why known as scent hounds. They are also used in police force and by security personals to trace the missing persons and escaped prisoners. Their legs are generally short which help them for hunting animals like rabbits. Blood hounds and basset hounds are best example of scent hounds.

These hunting dogs are also known as guard dogs and watch dogs as they widely used by families for guarding and watching purposes. More widely these hunting dogs have a long list. Some of the most popular are presenting here.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers ranked as American Kennel Clubs’ most popular hunting dogs for many years. These hunting dogs have an outgoing personality with brave and courageous nature. Lot of intelligence and keen senses make them a best hunting dogs as well as best family dogs. These hunting dogs are basically trained as bird hunters. Their grip is soft that allow them to retrieve prey without damage. Beside this, hunting dog, Labrador Retrievers also trained as trackers and pointers. The learning abilities of these hunting dogs are excellent. They pick and earn tasks quickly.

English Setter

The most popular gun dogs and hunting dogs as well are originally bred as elite bird dogs. The top-notch scenting abilities stand these hunting dogs over the crowd. They locate their prey quickly and then waiting for their hunting companion to catch it up. These hunting dogs are also a good family companion dogs because of their relatively calm and tender nature. English Setters are those hunting dogs that work whole day without tire, they are ideal for long days out in the field.


The Feists are small sized hunting dogs originated from southern USA. As compare to other hounds and hunting dogs of their breeds, they normally act silently. They are used to chase and grab small birds. Theses hunting dogs developed especially for eliminating foxes, lambs and other same preys.

The German Short-Haired Pointer

The hunting dog, German Short Haired Pointer is a hunting dog that can work in water and rough terrains. These hunting dogs are very versatile gun dogs used as pointers, water dogs and retrievers. These gun and hunting dog need plenty of physical training and exercises for their fitness and strength. The significant characteristic of these hunting dogs are this that they are capable of chasing and killing large and dangerous animals. They are also very popular hunting dog due to their water abilities. Hunters generally use them as water retrievers to fetch water preys.

Lakeland Terriers

Lake Land They are most popular hunting dogs to hunt mammals. Lake land terriers are used to locate the den or set of the animals/prey and then bolt, capture and kill the targeted animal.

Coon hounds

Coon hounds are very good scent hounds. They use their brilliant scenting abilities to locate prey. They also use their nose to scent the prey underground. This breed of hunting dogs has originated by crossing a bloodhounds and foxhounds and has noticeable tracking ability of both breeds. Coon hounds are best utilized to track opossums, raccoon's and large animals such as bears and mountain lions.

These hunting dogs are good swimmers also. If treated well, these best hunting dogs can be fantastic family dogs also. In the end, I must say that these hunting dogs are not only hunters, retrievers or pointers. They are your family pets and companions also. So, treat them well and with tender nature.

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