French Bull Dogs

Summary: Energetic, friendly, playful, affection, ease at training, watch dog, protection dog and a best companion is all about French bull dogs.

Article: A dog with cute face, adorable expressions, easy care companion, alert and absolutely hilarious is a French bull dog. French bull dogs are enthusiastic and lively every time.Widely used as companion dogs, French bull dog is described as a clown in the cloak of a philosopher. This breed of dog is small sized muscular body with heavy bones. His face is big then the overall body and ears are like bat ears. Coat of French bull dogs is fine with minimum thick hair. They have affectionate and caring disposition naturally. The common colors of French bull dogs are cream, brindle, white, fawn and brindle and white.

French Bull Dogs

Size and proportion of French bull dogs: Ideal height of French bull dogs is 12 inches and classic weight is 9-10 kg.

General description of French bull dogs: Generally the French bull dogs are active, alert, intelligent and well-built dogs with heavy bones, compact small structure body and smooth coat. The nose of the French bull dogs are extremely short and narrow that is why they may prone to respiratory problems. Legs are short, stout and straight.

Temperament of French bull dogs: The French bull dogs have clownish nature with so much affection to their owners. A French bull dog loves to play games and other recreational activities with family. He also likes to cuddle and snooze with his favorite person. They can’t live outdoors. They want to live in indoors but with cool weather conditions.

The French bull dog is a clown in a lap dog. He enjoys playing and entertaining his family, as well as cuddling and snoozing with his favorite person. He is amiable, sweet, companionable and willing to please. French bull dogs are excellent companion as they bred originally for companion ship. They bark rarely. If he does, that means he want to gain your attention. French bull dogs are good with children if they trained in a protective family environment. They can live with other household pets after getting proper introduction. By nature, French bull dogs are clean and try to avoid puddles. They are also relentless hunter of mice. In short, they are perfect family pet and an affectionate companion dog for you.

Exercises for French bull dogs: French bull dogs need regular daily walk despite of their indoor nature. French bull dogs are not pack leaders. They want their master to lead the game. They love to play for long hours without tiredness. They also want enough space to cuddle and running.

Grooming of French bull dogs: The French bull dogs are not heavy shedders. So, they need minimum grooming. Make sure to clean their eyes, ears and wrinkle area on regular basis to make them clean and to avoid any allergies.

Health issues of French bull dogs: As compare to other dog breeds, French bull dogs may prone to some major health issues such as: stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, intervertebral disc degeneration, hemi vertebrae. While minor issues are: CHD, patellar luxation, entropion, distichiasis, cataract and deafness. French bull dogs may be sensitive to anesthesia too.

Life Span of French bull dogs: Life expectancy of a French bull dog is about 9-11 years.

Group of French bull dogs: French bull dogs came from the group of Mastiff. The American Kennel Club recognized the French bull dogs as non-sporting dogs.

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