Information on Cute Maltese Dogs

Information on Cute Maltese Dogs

Summary: Maltese dogs are famous because of their terrific looks and personality. Moreover, the silky white coat of Maltese dogs grabs the attraction and attention of potential owners at once.

Article: The cute, stuff toy dog, Maltese is an ancient toy dog breed in the world. In English, the Maltese dogs are known as “the ancient dog of Malta”, “Roman ladies dog”,” bichon” or “the Maltese lion dog”. The Maltese dogs are originally bred to obtain its small size. They are descended from the Spitz type dog found in the Swiss Lake dwellers. Some evidence reveals that this bred is originated in Asia and related to Tibetan Terriers. However, the exact origin is unknown still.

With an elegant looks and juvenile delicacy, the Maltese dogs were the beloved companions of prince and princess from some 2,000 years.

They are gentle, loving, adorable, cute and innocent dogs who know how to gain the attention and favor of their master. Maltese fearless energy and curious attitude slightly distinguish him from other typical, docile lap dogs. At playtime they are superb and highly energetic but when playtime is off, Maltese dogs become cute and sensational cuddles.

They are perfect for city dwellers because of their elegant chic. They are best for children especially for older ones who know how to play, cuddle and handle a Maltese dog in a way of his own.
Among other pets, they keep their confidence at high and tend to be self-assured and self-confident rather than defensive.

Personality of Maltese dogs

Maltese are dogs which need pampering attention and lot of care. They need security and presence of their owner at their side. Lots of attention and love make them kind and gentle as usual. Despite of their good manners, Maltese dogs need respect and good amount of time for treatment and training.

Physical features of Maltese dogs

The head of the Maltese dogs are medium sized with rounded skulls. Muzzle is tampered. Ears hang fairly. The nose and eyes are black in color. Neck is quite long. The plumed tail carries over their back. They have gentle, fine silky white coat. The silky white coat is the hall mark of Maltese dogs.

Training of Maltese dogs: Crate training is recommended for Maltese dogs as they may be difficult to house break. Early socialization and behavior training is good to train a Maltese dog. Be gentle, tender and soft during training. A harsh behavior or touch will make him irritate and aggressive. They not need extensive obedience training. They are naturally obedient dogs.

Activities for Maltese dogs: They enjoy daily walks. No need of high exercise for Maltese dogs. They also like to play Maltese are social and easily go with children and other pets so supervision and security leashed is recommended.

Grooming of Maltese dogs: Maltese dogs have very soft and fine coat. Daily but gentle brushing and combing is necessary. Clean them after each meal to avoid stains. Bath or dry shampoo daily is also must. They are low shedder so suitable for allergy sufferers also.

Tear staining is a problem in Maltese dog breeds. Many veterinarians said that to reduce this problem, avoid foods having food colors and serve distilled water. There are also a few products in the markets to reduce tear staining problem.

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