Rottweiler Dog

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Article: Many people think about the Rottweiler dog as a big scary and guard dog. It is not true. By appearance he may be. But by nature and temperament a Rottweiler dog is fun loving, loyal and a very protective dog for a family and his surroundings. Rottweilers are guard dogs also because they have an inherent guarding and protective traits. Despite of his protective and guarding traits, a Rottweiler dog is a funny dog also. He can easily please and make you smile by his funny traits. For a complete look on Rottweilers personality, characteristics, behavior traits, grooming etc. read below....

Rottweiler dog 

A Rottweiler dog’s physical description: By look, a Rottweiler dog looks sturdy, strong and a muscular dog. They are between 22-27 inches tall and95-130 pounds weighted. He is from medium to large size with a strong muscular body. The origin of Rottweiler dog is Rottweil, Germany. In earliest, a Rottweiler dogs were used for hunting but today these dogs have low hunting instinct. They can best used as family dogs, protective and guard dogs.

The skull of the Rottweiler dog is medium length. Nose is broad and well developed. Jaws of the Rottweiler dog are very strong and broad with scissor type bite. The Rottweiler dogs have both outer and undercoats. These strong dogs can easily live in hot weather too. The distinctive coat color of a Rottweiler dog is black and bright rust.

Personality of Rottweiler dogs: A Rottweiler dog can be powerful, serious and clownish at a time. Some Rottweiler dogs are bullies, some are clownish and others may have moderate temperament. It all depends upon the socialization and obedience training of the Rottweiler dogs. They are good for children but an adult supervision is essential for small children because of the sheer and strong size of the Rottweiler dog. Proper socialization and behavior training may put positive effects on the aggressive and annoying nature of a Rottweiler dog and he will go easily with other pets and dogs.

A Rottweiler dog can be a good protective dog also. He became alert, brave and steady towards any unpleasant influence. His ability to analyze the situations and his alarming senses are expediently. That is the reason a Rottweiler dog can be a best protective dog for his family and surroundings. All you need to make him good, obedience,nice and well-trained is proper training and socialization at right time.

Training of Rottweiler dogs: As an energetic and sturdy dog, the Rottweiler dogs are eager to learn new things and tasks and excel their best towards opportunities. Obedience training with lots of positive stimulation and rewards is essential for this breed. Otherwise, they may become aggressive and destructive. They also have some behavior issues so it is recommended to you to be a pack leader and have a dominant hand during training and daily exercises.

Exercises for Rottweiler dogs: Rottweiler dogs need large space. They can’t active and energetic in small apartments or indoors. They love long and brisk walk daily. At least two long walks daily are necessary for a Rottweiler dog to excel his physical strength and to keep healthy and fit.

Grooming of Rottweiler dogs: They have short and glossy coat which is easily to groom. Brush and bathe when necessary. Rottweilers are an average shedder.

Health problems: As compare to other dog breeds, Rottweiler dogs are relatively healthy and disease free dogs. However, hip dysplasia is common health issue among most Rottweiler dogs. If overfed they may prone too besity.

Group of Rottweiler dogs: They belong to Mastiff group. The American Kennel Club recognized them as working dogs.

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