Shih Tzu Dogs

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Article: Shih Tzu dogs are widely famous as companion, lapdogs and herd dogs. The origin of Shih Tzu dogs are china. These dogs are also known as Chinese Lion Dog. Shih Tzu dogs were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969. Shih Tzu dogs are pure bred dogs from toy dogs group. Shih Tzu also known as small lion dog because of his appearance and thick furry coat.

Shih Tzu dogs  

General appearance of Shih Tzu dogs: The long flowing double coat of Shih Tzu dogs is their significant feature which distinguishes these dogs from other breeds. Shih Tzu has a short muzzle with large dark eyes. Ears are dropped, covered with long fur. The tail of Shih Tzu dogs are heavily furred and curled from the back. The Shih Tzu dogs are in many colors. A blaze of white is a common color of Shih Tzu dogs.

Height and weight of Shih Tzu dogs: The ideal height of these small lion type dogs is 9- 10 inches and weight is of about 9-16 pounds. Shih Tzu is a ideal sized dog. Neither high-stationed nor low stationed to look dumpy or squatty. Generally Shih Tzu dogs carry good weight and size.

Temperament of Shih Tzu dogs: Shih Tzu dogs are strong and compact body dogs with humble and caring nature. They are best companions and family dogs. They love to stay indoors with their owner’s family. They are keen, alert and intelligent. Shih Tzu dogs are also good watch dogs. They can’t live alone and may be destructive if left alone for long period. They want to stay with their owners. Although, they are docile and quite but love to play games and enjoy lively activities. They love to be treated a royals as they are also known as small lion dogs.

They are sociable and love to hang on with many people. They are keen to learn tricks and commands of their owners. Sometime, Shih Tzu become stubborn because of the grace, proud and arrogant nature they have by nature. They can easily go with children and other pets as they are harmless and love to be in company.

Training of Shi Tzu dogs: Training of these small lion type dogs are not as easy as like other dogs. They have an arrogant and proud nature so they may show this sometime, during training sessions. Their owner however has to be very caring and calm towards their training. The crat method for Shih Tzu dogs training works best. Shih Tzu dogs never respond to harshness or punishment. Their owner should be kind, tender and affectionate. 

Activities for Shih Tzu dogs: Despite of a noble and arrogant nature, Shih Tzu dogs love daily walks and vigorous in door games and play. They also enjoy a good romp in a safe open area.

Grooming of Shih Tzu dogs: Being a noble and small lion dog, Shih Tzu need lot of grooming and care from his owner. Daily grooming is essential for Shih Tzu dogs. Brush his coat daily with a bristle brush. Ear passages and eyes should eb clean on daily basis. Shih Tzu dogs shed very little. So, they consider as hypoallergenic. Shih Tzu can gain weight easily so avoid over eating. Regular dental checkup is also recommended.

Heath issues: Shih Tzu dogs don’t have any major health issues. Some minor health issues are like: renal cortical hypoplasia, entropion, trichiasis, PRA, KCS, CHD, otitis externa, portacaval shunt, inguinal hernias.

Living conditions for Shih Tzu dogs: Shih Tzu can easily live in small places like apartments. They love to stay indoors and quite active in an indoor environment. They can’t stay long in heat. Cool weather conditions are best for this small lion dog.

Life expectancy: 15 years


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