Cute Dog Breeds

Cute Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a cute dog? Dog breeds portal gives you a complete list of world’s cute dog breeds. Not only the list, you will also find full information on characteristics, activities, temperament and development of cute dog breeds only at dog breeds portal.

Summary: Cute dog breeds. Cute, not only by name but from appearance also. One can’t ignore these cute dog breeds at first sight.

Cute dog breeds are those breed of dogs which are called to be cutest and appealing from very first sight. For a family or for kids, one has an idea to adopt a cute dog from cute dog breeds. Cute dog breeds have innumerable cute dogs which can go best with families and kids. Here is a long but comprehensive list of these cute dogs from cute dog breeds. This broad list will give you an idea of these cute dog breeds, their name, characteristics, activates, temperament and training etc. 

Cute Dog Breeds:



Pug is one of the cutest dog from the cute dog breeds. This cute dog from cute dog breeds has a very expressive face among all dog breeds. The Pug is very friendly and good with children and with other breeds. The good thing of this cute dog of cute dog breeds is that it requires minimum grooming. The hot stuffy environment is not suitable for Pug. This small cute dog is very affectionate and devoted to his owner, hence become a very good companion and a lapdog. Pug fees very comfortable and easy with children if groomed and trained well.


Chihuahua is another cute dog from the cute dog breeds. The face of this cute dog resembles to deer that is why he is also known as deer heads. Chihuahua is a small cute dog like a toy but has aggressive nature. That is why this cute dog from cute dog breeds can be easily provoked to attack; therefore generally this small dog breed is not suitable for homes having small kids. They are also limited in nature and not go along with other breeds. He also becomes aggressive when he sees a stranger. So training and handling of this small dog breed must be in a mature sense according to his needs and temperament.

The English toy spaniel

This cute dog of cute dog breeds also known as the King Charles spaniel. I t is a cute breed of dog of the Spaniel type. The cute dog breeds, The English toy spaniel is in three more varieties namely The Blenheim, Ruby and Prince Charles Spaniel. English toy spaniels have large dark eyes, a short nose and a high doomed head and a black skin around the mouth. As compare to other cute dog breeds, the English toy spaniel is a friendly small and cute dog breeds. He is not a high energy dog breed and primarily refers to as a is a suitable pet for those who live in apartments. These cute breed dogs will become obedient, quiet and laid back if treated gently and carefully.


Poodle is a very cute dog belongs to "cute dog breeds". It has in many colors but look very fine and luxurious in white coat. This toy type cute dog from cute dog breeds has a well manner and proportionate body with luxurious snowy white coat. The cute dog, poodle from cute dog breeds is cheerful, eager to please, loyal dignified and extremely smart that one can’t ignore him easily.


Affenpinscher, another cute dog of cute dog breeds is a comedian dog. He loves to play with throwing balls. They love to stay indoors but like outdoor walks too. The cute dog, Affenpinscher does’t harm children but sometimes they may be harmful to children if provoked. These cute dog breeds also need your attention and companionship rather than one sided. They want to cuddle and sit on your lap. If trained and socialize well, then this cute dog will become a best and loyal companion to you. 


This cute dog is very brave, sensitive, independent but very loyal to his owner. This cute dog has a stocky muscular body that is slightly longer than its tail. It is commonly known as Lion dog or Peke. The common colors of this cute dog from cute dog breeds are gold, red, cream, White, black and tan, blue and slate grey. Pekingese is a cool temperature dog. It is important to keep him indoor at cool temperature. Hot temperature may cause stroke to him.


What a cute lovely and cuddly dog from the entire cute dog breeds. Anyone wants to carry this cute dog in his/her hand at first sight. Maltese is a compact body cute dog. Round head, small cute black nose and innocent face is the significant features of this cute dog of cute dog breeds. He is a best companion dog and thrives on love and affection. This cute dog is not only cute but very lively, energetic and playful too. He is very active in house and don’t need big rooms for play and cuddle. The cute dog Maltese from the cute dog breeds are best for people who have small space or live in apartments.

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