Dachshund Dog - Small Dog Breed

Summary: The distinctive features of dachshund dogs are their long body extra small legs. The origin of this unique dog is Germany. The literal meaning of dachshund dog is badger dog. This unique type of dog is bred to scent, chase and flush out badgers.

Article: The unique and matchless dog, Dachshund is also known as hot dog, wiener dog or sausage dog. This German based dog is from Hound group. They are also known as the national dog of Germany.

The Dachshund dogs are in three different varieties:

1. The short haired

2.The long haired  

  3. The wired haired

The size, weight and height of above mentioned three varieties differ according to their type. Dachshund dogs are great pets for those who have plenty of time and energy to spend on them. Their body is long and low to the ground so that it could fit into badger’s dens. He is a pure hunting dog and now days also use as family pet dog. As a hunting dog, Dachshund has great smell sense. They are bred to track and dig out his prey and then bark there until their master get alert.

General appearance and physical features of Dachshund dogs: Dachshund dogs are in many colors. The most common are red, black and tan.

Height and weight of Dachshund dogs: Height of a standard Dachshund dog is 8-11 inches and weight is 11 pounds. Height of a miniature Dachshund is 5-7 inches and weight is 11 pounds Toy Dachshund’s height is 12 inches while weight is 8 pounds.
Personality of Dachshund dogs: Dachshund has very diverse nature. At a time, he is a good companion, family dog, loyal pet and above all an alert protector. Don’t look in his size; he will be a best choice for you in terms of protection and security. The second most appealing personal trait of Dachshund dog is his friendly and open nature. He likes to say hello to everyone. He is friendly open and pleasant to all.

An important fact for those who want to buy a Dachshund dog is that he don’t have taste bud. So, always keep an eye on what he is eating to avoid any danger. The sight and smell sense of Dachshund dog is wonderful. They may be unpredictable if not treated and train well. Without proper training, guidance and attention they may be jealous, obstinate, irritate and very quickly to bite other pets and humans. A daily pack walk, where you are a leader and he is a follower is necessary for Dachshund dog.

Exercises and training of Dachshund dogs: The stamina and energies of Dachshund dogs are exceptional. They need daily brisk walk. He may be stubborn at times and make it difficult for his owner to train him. A firm and consistent training is required for Dachshund dogs. He is quite sensitive too. So, handle him with tender and gentle manner. Harshness makes him timid and submissive.
Grooming of Dachshund dogs: The long haired Dachshund dogs need bit of grooming. Dachshund dog can easily getting burrs, sticks and twigs stuck in his down to ground coat, so regular grooming and cleaning in necessary. The short and smooth haired Dachshund dog require however minimum grooming.

Space for Dachshund dogs: They are fairly active in indoors and okay in a small yard.

Health problems: Spinal disc problems are common health problems in Dachshund dogs. Diabetes, heart problem and urinary tract problems are some other health issues.  Apart from these serious diseases, Dachshund dogs can easily gain weight and become lazy. Healthy and low fat dog food is recommended therefore.

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