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Summary:  Dogs are one of the most loyal, faithful and brave animal in the world. The dogs are of many types but the dog, German shepherd is very audacious and daring dog loved by every dog lover.
Article: Today is the day for the dog, German shepherd. Among all dogs, German shepherd is the dog which has a bold and daring nature, fearless gestures and large in size like a hulk among rest of the dog breeds. Dogs are known to be a loyal, faithful and trustworthy pet from centuries. Dogs are the first animals which were used as a pet by human beings.

Audacious, daring, bold, courageous and giant size German shepherd easily grabs the attention of every one. A German shepherd on a busy street is watched by every passerby with so much interest and fear. The dog, German shepherd is a sign and statement of fear and dare at the same time.

Apart from other dogs breed, the dog German shepherd belong to a breed of large-sized dog, originated in Germany in 1899. The dog, German shepherd has a strong, muscular, slightly lengthened body with a light solid bone structure. As compare to other dogs, the dog German shepherd is use as a working dog for herding and guarding sheep. The physical strength and size, obedience abilities and intelligence skills of German shepherd are fantastic. Because of these distinctive qualities, the dog German shepherd is often employed in police and military roles all around the world. 

The long red scary tongue, flawless teethes with a scissor like bite and black pointing nose makes the dog, German shepherd a beautiful yet scary. The dog German shepherds are in variety of colors. The most common are ten/black and red/black.The dog, German shepherd is mostly use as a working dog but he has a very kind and faithful heart at the same time. Dogs, German shepherds never ever leave his master or owner in time of danger. He will give his life for his master without hesitation. These brave and fearless dogs, German shepherd loves to be close with families. The breed of these dogs loves children and become very friendly, loyal and kind to children once a relationship established.

The average life span of dogs, German shepherds is 9.7 years. To avoid them from any disorders or diseases, the owner of these brave and loyal dogs has to be very conscious and keen towards their breeding and training. A regular exercise and physical and mental training sessions once in a week are essential for good health of the dog, German shepherd.

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