Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Summary: Like his name, Portuguese water dog is known as “a dog of water”. Not a loyal, affectionate and devoted companion but a good and efficient working dog also.

Portuguese water dogs are dogs of water. They love to work in water. From centuries, these Portuguese water dogs served as working dogs to assist humans in many tasks specially water and under water tasks.v Today, Portuguese water dogs are working in various sports activities like show ring, water dog trails, therapy and assistance dogs.

These active and water working dogs are originated from the Portuguese region of Algrave. They were taught to herd fish and under water species. They also worked as courier from ship to ship. There are two main varieties of "Portuguese water dogs". Curly they have compact and cylindrical curls. Wavy they have gentle waves with slight sheen.

General description of Portuguese water dogs: Portuguese water dogs are robustly built with firm legs and strong substantial bones. They are medium sized muscular dogs that worked best in water. The head of Portuguese water dogs are broad and domed like. The nose is broad and black. Teeth are like scissor with well bite. Ears set high- hanging in heart shape. Legs are straight. The feet of Portuguese water dogs are webbed which help them in swimming. Coat is in black, brown and in parti-colors with dark spots of white.

Temperament of Portuguese water dogs: Portuguese water dogs are brave, courageous, affectionate, and loyal and water-love dog. They are social and please people by their clownish acts. They don’t have problem or behavior issues with other pets and children. They are very intelligent dogs and to some extent, dominant. If they don’t train well and not recognize their master as their leader, then they will show dominance on you even in training session also.

They are good watch dogs and sport dogs. They have very good sense of smell. That is why they are used by fisher men in fishing. The retrieving instinct of Portuguese water dogs is very strong as a water dog.They are gentle and passionate. They prefer to engage in activities with their human partner rather than alone. Portuguese water dogs are good family companion also. They need their owner’s attention, affection and loyalty every time.

Exercises and training of Portuguese water dogs: Portuguese water dogs are extremely intelligent and active. Because of their intelligence and working drive, they need constant and high-spirited physical and mental activities. A daily long brisk walk is necessary for Portuguese water dogs to satisfy their great stamina. They love to swim and retrieve at things in water. They prefer strong leadership and an owner who always lead while they follow.

Grooming of Portuguese water dogs: Portuguese water dogs are hypoallergenic dogs. They are good for allergy sufferers. They need to be brushed and combed and cut regularly. They are low shedders.

Health issues of Portuguese water dogs: Hip dysplasia, cataracts, Progressive retinal atrophy, night blindness, GM1 storage disease and fatal nerve disease are common health issues of Portuguese water dogs.

Living conditions for Portuguese water dogs: Portuguese water dog is active indoor. Hence need small living space but with sufficient exercise and workout plans.

Life expectancy: 11-14 years

Group: Gun dog. According to the American Kennel Club, Portuguese water dog is a working dog.

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