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Pomeranian Dog

Summary: Pomeranian dogs are widely known as Pom or Pom Pom. With a compact body and extrovert nature, Pomeranian dogs are popular companion and show dogs.

Article: A Pomeranian is a small dog with outgoing nature and plenty of charm. Pomeranian dogs are high-spirited, energetic and jiggling dogs who love to go outsides any time. The Pomeranian dogs are affectionate, less dangerous and loyal to their owners. They suited best for novices and for beginners who don’t have any experience of owning a dog.

With their amiable and friendly assertive nature, Pomeranian can be a good family pet and loving companion. He is also a good watch dog. He protect his owner and bark at once if feels any mishap or alarm. The expressions of Pomeranian dogs are like fox. Because of his small size, Pomeranian dog is also known as toy dogs. He is descended from large size Spitz dog specially the German Spitz. Due to this reason, they are also called as Zwergspitz in many countries.

General description: Pomeranian dogs are small in size. Their weight is about 1.9-3.5 kg and height is 5.0-11 inches. They are compact sturdy with thick heavy coat. Traditional colors of Pomeranian dogs are white, black and red but now Pomeranian comes in wide variety of color such as white, black brown, red, orange, blue, sable, spotted, brindle, cream and combination of these colors.

Temperament of Pomeranian dogs:
Pomeranian dogs are very friendly and extrovert nature. They love to hang on with humans and other animals. Pomeranian prefers to go outside with his owner at any time that is why he best suited as family dog. This energetic dog need attention of people around him and wants to be center of attraction. His vivacious spirits makes him a competitive show dog also.as an independent dog, Pomeranian need tender and gentle hands.

They are good at learning and learn the commands of his owner quickly. Because of their bit dominance nature sometimes they may prone to different behavior issues. These dogs are not recommended for children. The Pomeranian needs a safe and fence area to play. Although Pomeranian dogs are friendly and extrovert, but their reactions to strangers vary depending on dog personality. Some are good and friendly at strangers while others may be aggressive and aloof.

Diet and nutrition of Pomeranian dogs

For Pomeranian dogs, always use food which is made and formulated specifically for Pomeranian dogs. It may be expensive but contain full nutritious which a Pomeranian need. Don’t use corn food for your Pomeranian dog

It may cause stomach pain and digestive problems. Pomeranian has a very sensitive stomach and digestive system so feed him with proper care and also doesn’t use all type of meat for him. Use only specified meat for good and better health of your Pomeranian dog. It is recommended to feed them dry dog food and milk crunchy bones to keep the teeth and gums of Pomeranian dogs in good condition.

Health issues: Pomeranian dogs can suffer from black skin disease or alopecia ex. This is a genetic skin disease which turns the Pomerania’s skin into black and loses most of his hairs. Other health issues in Pomeranian are hip dysplasia, dislocated patella, eye infections, heart problems and early loss.

Life expectancy: 12-15 years

Living conditions: Pomeranian can easily live in small apartments. Avoid over heating because a Pomeranian can’t stay long in hot weather.

Grooming and exercise: As an extrovert, Pomeranian love to go outside and play with people and other animals. Daily walk and lot of physical exercises are essential for good health of Pomeranian. Pomeranian needs frequent brushing because of his thick heavy coat. Clean eyes and ears regularly. Dental checkup on regular basis is also recommended.

Shedding:A Pomeranian is a constant shedding.

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