Papillon Dogs

Papillon Dogs

Summary: Bright and lively, with butterfly type elegant ears and expressive eyes, a pleasant and cheerful companion, yes, Papillon dogs.

Article: One of the most significant and noteworthy feature of Papillon dogs are their butterfly type ears. This feature of Papillon dog gives special distinction to them from other dog breeds. Papillion dogs are from toy spaniel breed. They are famous from their intelligence and competition winning characteristics. They work best in competitions, therapy and service works.

Papillon dogs are breed for companion. They please their owner by their outstanding intelligence and charming personality. They are also cheerful and happy dogs who love play and games. Papillon dogs are also developed in the height of royal reign in Europe for royal ladies as their lapdogs. At that time, royal and noble families are the one who afford to buy and bred Papillon dogs as a best companion. History told us that in older days, Papillon dogs are very expensive and used by royals only.

General description: The Papillon dog is fine boned small size dog with a beautiful butterfly like ears and bright black rimmed eyes. The eyes of the Papillon dog are the most expressive part of his face. The teeth are scissor shaped. Coat is straight, long and fine. Generally the Papillon dogs are white and cream in color with patches of many other colors.

Temperament of Papillon dogs: The Papillon dogs are very intelligent dogs as they are also famous for their intelligence and quick learning abilities. The Papillon dogs learn tricks and commands of their owner very quickly and act accordingly. They are stranger wary dogs. They can easily go with children, strangers and other pets. Papillon dogs are small and fragile so can’t handle by young children. They can injure a Papillon dog by not knowing his fragility. The spirits and energy of Papillon dogs are great when they are in a family. They tend to be active to please their family and owner. "Papillon dogs" love to cuddle and often sleep in the arm of their affectionate owner. In short; Papillon dogs are not shy and aggressive. They are social, happy, intelligent and sweet dogs.

Height Weight of Papillon dogs: The ideal height of a Papillon dog is 8-11 inches while weight is about 8-10 pounds.

Exercises for Papillon dogs: As energetic and high-spirited dogs, Papillon dogs need regular daily exercise. Their owner can indulge them in different fun loving and creative plays and games to fulfill their need of walk. If they don’t go to daily walk, they might have some behavior problems.

Grooming of Papillon dogs: Daily brushing is recommended to avoid any skin problems. These dogs are usually odorless and clean. Keep their nails and teeth clean on regular basis because they tend to accumulate tartar. They are not heavy shedder dogs.

Living settings for Papillon dogs: Despite of their high energy and spirits, the Papillon dogs can easily live in small living conditions like a apartment. They are social breeds and can easily live with other pets also.

Life expectancy of Papillon dog: 16 years.

Health Issues: Patellar luxation, knee cap (Patella) and fontanel. Some Papillon dog might have problems with anesthesia.

Group from Papillon dogs belong: A Gun dog. The American Kennel club recognized the Papillon Puppies as toy dogs.

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