The Labrador Dog “Lab”

The Labrador dog are generally known as “Lab”

Summary: A Labrador dog is a wonderful, fantastic breed with so many appealing qualities. Before going to adopt or buy a Labrador dog, read our article for complete information on Labrador dog.

Article: The Labrador dog is from Retriever dog breed who work as a gun dog. The basic purpose to bred Labrador dog is retrieving fishing nets.
The Labrador is widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection, retrieving and working abilities. They are also use as protective dogs. Because of their social, warm and tender nature, Labrador dogs are good with children and other pets also. Athletic in nature, the Labrador dog love to swim, catch, retrieve and play games.

They are of two types

English Labrador dogs: the English Labrador dogs come from English bred. They are heavier and thicker.

American Labrador dogs: American Labrador dogs are from American bred. They are tall and lanky as compare to the former one. However the types, the most significant feature of the Labrador dog is his fine, short, dense and weather resistance coat.

Appearance and physical structure of Labrador dogs

The Labrador dog has clean-cut head with strong and broad back bone. Jaws are powerful and eyes are shiny and friendly. Normally, Labrador dog is a well- balanced dog. This quality of him makes it possible for him to move in the show ring or work in the field without much effort. The ears are not large and heavy and hang close to the head. The distinguishing body feature of the Labrador dog is his tail which is medium sized at very thick at the base.
The Labrador dogs have very smooth, soft and weather resistance coat which provides him protection from water, cold and any other bad weather condition. The common coat color in Labrador dogs are black, yellow and chocolate.

Height and Weight of Labrador dog: Height is 22-24 inches and weight is of 60-75 pounds.

Temperament of the Labrador dog: The Labrador dog has a very kind, outgoing, tractable and non-aggressive nature. Labrador dogs tend to please all by his gentle ways. His intelligence and adaptable ability appeal his master and the Labrador dog becomes his number one choice.

They also act as watch dogs not guard dogs. Proper training in a suitable and desired environment is necessary. The Labrador dog is very energetic and his spirits are on high level when he is in a field. They love water and swimming. They can be destructive if their owner doesn’t tend to be a pack leader or left the Labrador dog to his own devices and way. Scenting abilities of the Labrador dogs are wonderful. They stay on the scent until they find it. Because of this reason, the Labrador dog also known as detector or work in police and other forces.

Exercises and training for Labrador dog: 

Training of the Labrador dog is bit tricky and difficult for novices and is recommended for them to enroll their Labrador dog in an obedience school for all necessary lessons. Labrador dogs need plenty of exercises daily. They love to get challenges especially during games. They like to do different things at a time because of their high energy level and athletic nature.

Grooming of Labrador dog: The coat of Labrador dog is fine, smooth and short haired. He is an average shedder. Hence not need extensive grooming. Daily brushing is recommended however.

Health issues of Labrador dog: Hip and elbow dysplasia, PRA and eye disorders.

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Living conditions: An average size yard or small apartment type living area is enough for a Labrador dog but with sufficient exercises.
Group: A Gun dog. According to the American Kennel Club, a Labrador is a sporting dog.


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