About Dogs Breeds

About Dogs Breeds

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Information about dogs breeds

Dogs are the most faithful, loyal, affectionate and trustworthy animal for human beings from centuries. Around 14,000 years, dogs have been the most dominant and reliable pet for man. Long ago, dogs were used as domestic animals or friend by human beings as a source of food, fur, protection, hunting and driving. History is the witness that the use of dogs in taming started some 30,000 years ago. The evidence shows that the process of this classification of dogs into different dogs breeds were started by and found in several upper European Paleolithic sites. Medium to large dog breeds were identified in Germany and Ukraine in 17,000 to 13,000 Cal BP, medium sized dog breeds are in Syria, Israel and Iraq in 15,500 to 11, 000 Cal BP while small dog breeds were identified in France, Switzerland, Spain and Germany in 15,000 to 12,300 Cal. BP.

Gradually the dog breeds were used in many ways. They were not restricted to domestication. Now, the dogs are used in many fields like guarding, police, other Para military and military forces. Security and detection companies also prefer to use dogs because of their unteachable and exceptional sensing abilities. Dogs were classified into different breeds according to their origin, physical appearance, nature, characteristics, abilities and, skills and inherent instincts. Because the dogs were not limited to only domestication but they were also used in many other ways of life.

After this classification about dogs breeds are further classified into many more dog breeds according to their type, characteristics and abilities. The general information about dogs and different kind of dog breeds tells us more about these dogs. A common feature or instinct of the dogs is their loyalty and faithfulness to human beings. The dogs can shed their life to save their masters from any unusual happening and accident. They not only serve as a protector and a guard but also glorify your solitude with their best companionship.

Another most important common instinct of the dogs is their willing and trustworthy nature. They can’t let you alone even if you become harsh or rude sometimes. They are not like us who become rude and mean if not treated well. These faithful and loyal dogs make strong and affectionate bond with their masters and their families that they often shed tears if their masters leave them or give them to any other owner.

The common information about all types and kinds of dogs also reveals us that despite of their courageous, daring, fearless, impudent, sturdy, strong and forceful appearance, these dogs have a very sensitive and playful heart. Any type or kind of dog wants to embrace, snuggle, jiggle and grip by his owner. These playful, jolly and lively dogs are also found of children. They love to play with kids in many games such as Frisbee, throw ball, and fetch games and other activates.

Alike all other animals and tame animals, these loyal and faithful pets, superb guards and protectors and a hard working assistant of man also need your care, gentle touch and time. Don’t ignore these cute and friendly dog breeds and reduce up your gloomy solitude and isolated atmosphere by bringing these cuddly, honest, lovable and adorable buddies. After all, you also don’t like this loneliness and aloofness of yours for long time. So, feel free to surf around the special information about dogs breed to get the direct link with your beautiful, loyal, affectionate and long lasting companion.

Enjoy a cheerful future with your lovely new dogs, which you can get after going through to your superior and first of its kind about Dogs breeds.

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