Designer Dogs

Summary: Designer dogs don’t mean dogs for designers or dogs made by designers. In fact, it a new breeds of dogs which descended by cross breeding.

Article: A celebrity look, mix genes, diverse characteristics and a must item, its all about talking on designer dogs.

Designer dogs. What is this dog breed? What type of dogs they are?  

Designer dogs are a new breed of dog which also known as hybrid dogs. They are descended from cross breeding method. It is also a fact that these designer dogs are not true breeds, although sometime they are referred to as a bred. They are a mix between two breeds of dogs. For a more clear vision, we can say that: Designer dogs or hybrid dogs are the off springs produced by breeding dogs of different varieties, genes and short, something of mixed origin or composition.

Designer dogs are not a controversial issue now. People who want to have dogs of different genetic characteristics prefer to adopt designer dogs. By adopting designer dogs, they came with the reason that they need a custom designed and convenient dog which suits their needs, lifestyle and preferences. For e.g. if somebody love the Labrador, but hate the shedding, they might opt for a Labra doodle. Adoption of designer dogs can be a smart way to tailor your dog with the desired traits, size, temperament and personality according to your own needs. Like other dogs, designer dogs are also a long list. Before going to buy or adopt designer dogs, you have to have a complete information and knowledge on that particular dog. Here is a complete list of some popular designer dogs for your information and guidance.
                 Designer Dogs

The Bug- Boston Terrier and Pug

The appealing Bug has an off spring of Boston terrier and pug. These designer dogs are known for their lovable nature, high energy temperament and intelligent. Bugs are excellent lap dog for families having small kids. This designer dog has allergies with hot weather so keep him at cool place.

Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle

Extremely energetic, outstanding intelligence and an instinct of constant stimulation, the "designer dogs", Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle are best as pet dogs but for families who don’t have any other pet or children. This hybrid dog need proper training and grooming otherwise this fearless designer dog can be disastrous and destructive. Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle has a docile temperament with choc-full personality.

Cockapoo is a celebrity need designer dog. Celebrities of Hollywood prefer to have this small cute designer dog. The Cockapoo is a healthy, happy and intelligent designer dog which best suits for elite class and celebrities as it has a temperament and right size which celebrities look for. These designer dogs are also suitable for people who do lot of travelling.

Morkie is another designer dog for celebrities and is a high cost dog with elite nature and royal behavior. Morkies are those type of designer dogs which are extra cute, loving and adorable.

The Puggle- Pug and Beagle

It is also known as playing dog. Among other designer dogs, Puggle rhymes with snuggle and cuddle. The deeply wrinkle head of Puggle make him charming and is most popular crossbreed among families of small children. This designer dog has sweet-tempered, very social, playful and lively. The difficult thing of these designer dogs is that they can be stud at potty training.

The Labradoolde- Labrador and Poodle

Labradoolde is a perfect family pet. Look like a toy dog, this designer dog has all characteristics of a good and loyal companion. Friendly, social, non-aggressive and intuitive Labradoodles suited best to people who loath shedding. The coat of this designer dog is wool curly resembling to a wool sweater. This significant feature makes these designer dogs expensive and high in demand.

The Shorkie- Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu 
This cute and harmless dog is descended from the Terrier and Tzu breed. These designer dogs are also social and playful they love to interact with children without hurting them,. Children can play with him without any fear or harm. These designer dogs are relatively more intelligent and easy to train as compare to other designer dogs. 

They can also be used as protection dogs as they associate with their owner in a very short time and with so much affection. Normally, they are obedient and well-mannered but sometime can be stubborn if provoked.

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