Blue Heeler

Summary: A very passionate and devoted dog, who put his heart and soul and would die trying to do the job, his master order him to do. This is, blue heeler dog. What else you want from him ?

Article: Full of passion, courage, bravery and energy, blue heeler dog don’t know the words of steady and slow. Even in play, they seem high-spirited and lively at his best. "Blue heeler" dog is a type of dog who never gives up easily. He puts his heart and soul into everything he do. The willingness and tenacity is quite incredible. Blue heeler dogs are used as herding dog to herd cattle.They save their owner’s extra labor and effort with their superb speed and ability to control and turn the cattle with a little nip. Blue heeler dogs can easily turn to herd the cattle by a slow whistle or command of their master. This great ability of respond influence their master so he prefer to opt blue heeler dog a s his best herd dog.


General description of blue heeler dog: Blue heelers are most influential and famous breed of cattle dog. He is also known as Australian Cattle Dog and Queensland heeler. Blue heeler dog is a well-proportionate working and athletic dog.

Height and Weight of blue heeler dog:
The height of a normal blue heeler dog is between 18-20 inches. Weight is around 20-28 kg. Mostly, the blue heeler dogs have white blaze at their forehead which is known as the Bentley mark of the blue heeler dogs. The common colors of blue heeler dog are red and blue. They have weather resistance coat that will enable them to work even during cold season and the hot climate as well.

Temperament of blue heeler dogs: Blue heeler dogs are always alert, courageous, hardworking, extremely intelligent and watchful dogs. Blue heeler dogs are not only best working dogs but also ideal family pets because of their affectionate behavior to their owners. They are happy, playful and charming dog who can easily mingle with owner’s family and kids. Blue heelers are wary from strangers and naturally cautious in new situations. Blue heeler dogs best as an individual working dog. They may easily provoked and become aggressive when multiple dogs are present. A packing order can also make blue heeler dogs aggressive.

Training of blue heeler dogs: Blue heeler dogs are very much intelligent and responsive. These extra traits can be an advantage for their owners during training sessions. Blue heeler dogs need new and innovative training session. They can get bore from repetition. Obedience training sessions are necessary for blue heeler dogs but in a way that they can take these sessions as enjoyment and fun. Blue heeler dogs also have chewing problem. They can chew household items and other things so careful check is needed.

Blue heeler dogs need high level of physical exercises and activities. This cattle dog have active and fertile mind which need new and exciting activities daily, otherwise they will become bore and annoyed. Blue heeler dog has a natural ability to encourage reluctant cattle to travel long distances without any tiredness. This distinctive quality of blue heeler dog makes him the best cattle dog of the world.

Grooming of blue heeler dogs:
Blue heeler dog is a wash and wear dog. Hence need minimum grooming and occasional brushing. However a proper and regular attention to nails, ears, eyes and teeth will avoid any health risk.

Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, false pregnancy in female blue heeler dogs, congenital heredity deafness and cruciate ligament tears are some of the common health issue in blue heeler dogs. 

Life Span of blue heeler dog:
11- 17 years.


  1. Beautiful dog! My Spooky was a blue heeler and she was amazing. She is no longer with me but she was 16 when she passed on. I miss her every day but I know I'll see her again one day. She followed me home from a walk I was taking one weekend back when I was about 9-I guess someone dumped her somewhere. Whoever did that was unwise but I'm glad she was my friend. Wherever she is I know she's playing with Sheila and Dumbo and they're having a grand old time. :) I remember how she used to hate thunderstorms and was totally freaked out by deer. And she always cheered me when I was sad.

  2. @ Hey_Soul_Sister , It's so sad about your spooky had passed when she was only 16. But she always live in your memories :) with love and care. Be happy and cheer up ....:)


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